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TOPS Pro Optimizes Pallet Pattern or Pattern Configuration to Ensure your Pallet Loads are Cube Efficient - It Maximizes number of boxes to fit onto Pallets and determines the best Pallet Pattern.

Pallet configuration is the most widely used function inside TOPS Pro. It helps package engineers to determine the best way to stack cartons onto a pallet. TOPS Pro automatically generates different pallet patterns for straight loads. Users can pick the one that best meets their needs, be it for cubic efficiency, store displays, load stability or inventory keeping.


Pallet pattern - one block

Automatic Layer Generation, Alternate Patterns and Modify Pattern
TOPS Pro allows you to calculate the simplest to the most complex pallet patterns. Upon selection of the pallet configuration, click on the available thumbnails for alternate layout patterns. All solutions are illustrated in 3D graphics with optional double stack, pop top or exploded views. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can enter all of your data in an easy to follow sequential format.


Pallet Pattern - Strap and Edge Guard

Pallet Options: Layer Rotation, Add Slip Sheets, Straps, Caps
Dress up the 3D unit load diagram with the abundant pallet layer options including layer rotation, straps, strap guards, edge guards, slip sheets, caps, trays, and more.


Secondary Pallet Pattern
TOPS Pro allows users to combine two pallet patterns in the same unit load to meet their specific needs. Let's say you have one pallet pattern for the first eight layers of your pallet, and you'd like to insert one of the other pallet patterns TOPS Pro has generated. No problem! With a few clicks of the mouse, you're done.


Compare Multiple Pallets
TOPS Pro allows users to pick multiple pallets for an analysis and compare the solutions in the same report.


Pallet with False Bottom Pallet with Slave Pallets

Slave Pallets and False Bottom
Use TOPS Pro to create custom sized narrow or quad pallets for end of aisle merchandise or application. These slave pallets can then be loaded onto regular GMA pallets for shipment.  For pallets with special marketing message, use the False Bottom option to represent this non-loading area.


Pallet with Knock Down Boxes

Special Pallets for Knock Downs
Knockdown boxes are the 'flat' dimensions of a shipcase. With the knockdown feature, just type in the dimensions of the box when erect and TOPS will convert it into dimensions when the box is knocked down and then show you how to palletize the bundles.

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