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PACK EXPO 2018 MVP Training Enrollment

Chicago, IL McCormick Place, October 15-16, 2018
Location: McCormick South Building, Level 5, Meeting Room S-504A

Note: The meeting room is inside McCormick Place but outside the Exhibit area. You do not need a Show Pass to access the meeting room and join our training sessions.


These sessions are free to all current MVP (Software maintenance & support plan) customers. If you are not sure about the MVP status of your software, please contact the MVP team at 972-739-8677 to verify.

Please check the box(es) for the corresponding sessions you'd like to attend and enter the names of attendees for each selected session. TOPS will send you a confirmation with meeting room location about two (2) weeks before PACK EXPO. Please make sure to provide your phone number and email address.


Available Sessions:

Monday, Oct 15 - 9 - 11am          TOPS Pro Basic/Intermediate Training (30 min Q&A to follow)
Monday, Oct 15 - 1 - 3pm            TOPS Pro for Advanced Users
Monday, Oct 15 - 3:30 - 4:30pm  TOPS/MaxLoad Workshop#1: Hands on Usage Questions
Tuesday, Oct 16 - 9 - 11am         MaxLoad Pro Mixed Cargo Loading Software
Tuesday, Oct 16 - 1 - 3pm           TOPS/MaxLoad Workshop#2: Hands on Usage Questions



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Session Description:

TOPS Pro Basic/Intermediate Training: Quick overview on general functionalities of TOPS with emphasis on how to use TOPS to perform specific functions including case sizing, product arrangement, pallet & layer configuration, truck loading, and reporting. Session will close with Q&A.

TOPS Pro for Advanced Users: For users who have a working knowledge of TOPS Pro, we will cover key TOPS functions and advanced-level functions such as setting defaults, using dividers, editor, QStrength, advance layer options, designing or modifying box styles, package profile reports, and more.

TOPS/MaxLoad Workshops: Join us at one or both sessions to have your "Always want to know" technical and usage questions answered, hands on data importing / exporting or just come by and meet the MVP team in person.

MaxLoad Pro Mixed Cargo Loading Software: Overview of our mixed product loading and diagramming software for trucks and containers. We will cover how to define SKUs, create unitloads and mixed pallets, and how to use the different loading and stacking rules to optimize containers or trucks and maximize savings.