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Package Design Modules Feature Comparison

Features LoadStak Pro PackStak Pro TOPSePAC  TOPS Pro
Pallet Patterns Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Stacking Strength Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Package Profile Yes  Yes No Yes
Multiple Pallet Database Yes  Yes No Yes
Combined Reports Yes  Yes No Yes
Stand Alone License Yes  Yes N/A Yes
Secondary Patterns Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Paste on Graphics Yes  Yes No Yes
ePAC Publisher Yes  Yes N/A Yes
Network Version Yes  Yes N/A Yes
Exporting Options Yes  Yes Next Release Yes
Truck Optimization Yes  Yes Next Release Yes
Email  Yes  Yes Next Release Yes
Knockdown Analysis No Yes Yes Yes
Dividers No Yes Yes Yes
Design New Shipper No Yes Yes Yes
Shipcase Database Option No No  No Yes
Bulk Product No No  No Yes
Intermediate Packers No No  No Yes
New Product Design Capabilities No No  No Yes
MixPro Module No No  No Yes
CASY(Create a Shape Yourself) No No  No Yes
MixTray  No No  No Yes

Descriptions of each Package Design Software Modules from TOPS

LoadStak Pro- designs pallet patterns based on the dimensions of your master shipcase and your pallet restrictions. Your pallet pattern can then be loaded into a transit vehicle. LoadStak also calculates stacking strength.

PackStak Pro-This module includes all of the functionality of Loadstak, plus the ability to design a new shipper around fixed cartons (carton and shipcase databases are not included—see TOPS for Windows for this feature). An extensive choice of carton and shipcase shapes is included to suit your specific needs. As with LoadStak, stacking strength calculations allow you to analyze various corrugated board grades to determine which grades provide the best performance given various environmental factors.

TOPSePAC offers efficient package design and pallet optimization over the World Wide Web, a perfect tool for package engineers on the road and at customer sites. 

TOPS Pro -This is the flagship of the TOPS software lineup. Users benefit from the combined functionality of both LoadStak and PackStak, plus the addition of bulk product and intermediate packers into the design sequence. TOPS for Windows also includes new product design capabilities (i.e. new bags and cartons), shipcase consolidation (i.e. choosing from a database of shippers), and “old work” reproductions (i.e. fixed carton Ü fixed shipper).  TOPS also has the new MixPro module for creating mixed pallets for display and CASY (Create a Shape Yourself) modules that can create just about any shape or tray you want!


Features Offered by Package Design Software from TOPS

Pallet Patterns - Design Pallet Patterns based on the dimensions of your master Shipcase and your pallet restrictions.

Stacking Strength - TOPS Pro offers a host of mechanical and environment analyses to ensure your savings in corrugated costs and minimize transient damages. It uses the McKee formula along with other factors to calculate Stacking Strength results based on Edge Crush, Ring Crush, or Kellicut answers. You have full flexibility to enter your own paper and board values.

Package Profile - It allows you to create a profile for a complete package analysis, sometimes called a cube specification.  The package profile is designed for situations where many products use the same packaging.  For example, if you package cereal, you can use the same box for several different brands of cereal.

Pallet Database - Calculate an analysis with all pallets in the TOPS Pro database. Now finding the best unitload efficiency is easier than ever!   This feature is great for our European customers who must design packages to fit both Euro pallet (1200x800) and metric pallet (1200x1000).


Combined Report- Combines information from two analyses onto one printout. This Feature was designed so that both the knocked-down and erected palletizations of a shipcase can be included in a single report.  However any two analyses can be included in the combined report.

Stand Alone License - A single based installation commonly used for laptops or for a single desktop installation.

Secondary Pallet Pattern - is used to create mixed layer pallet patterns.  Those are non-homogenous (alternating layer) pallet patterns in which some of the layers maybe “borrowed” from other pallet patterns.

Paste on Graphics - This feature allows you to dress up you cartons, shipcases, trays and other box-like containers with graphics, such as a corporate logo.

Web Publisher - Publish web pages of your TOPS documents to the internet, intranet or a network drive.

Network Version- A network-based software package, enabling users to access information from a single database.  One concurrent licensing system is in place where the software controls the amount of users making modification at a single time. Multiple licenses can be purchased.  The Network version also comes with a viewer or (Read Only) section where an unlimited number of individuals may review completed analysis.


Exporting Options - Export to MS Word using custom templates and to any other applications via XML.

Truck Optimization - This will optimally load and configure both palletized and hand stack loads
into transit vehicles such as overland trucks, sea van containers and rail cars.

Email - TOPS Pro has an internal email feature that allows you to email a standard printout directly to another person who may or may not have TOPS Pro.  TOPS Pro also allows you to email an analysis and a stacking strength Board Combo List.

Knockdown Analysis- Finds the optimal solution for loading bundles of collapsed boxes onto a pallet after one or more boxes have been collapsed.

Dividers - Partitions that separate one item from another.

Design New Shipper - Allows TOPS to size and create master shipper based on your product dimensions

Shipcase database Option - As you work through analysis and create various types of shipcases, TOPS Pro allows you to save those shipcases to a shipcase database. Rather than enter shipcase parameters with each new analysis, this feature allows you to use shipcases already defined in the system.


Bulk Product - Represent your product be it granular, powder, bulk.

Intermediate Packer - Use this icon if you have a product that is being packaged in a tray or carton which is then packed into a master carton, e.g. bottle going into a tray (intermediate pack) going into a master shipper.

New Product Design Capabilities - It allows you to create a new carton and master shipcase at the same time.

MixPro Module - Mixed Pallet Module that allows users to create their own pallets for display with a 3D editor. Simply select your shipcases and click-and-drag them onto your pallet in any arrangement you could desire.

CASY (Create A Shape Yourself) - Allows you to design customer-shaped bottles, cans, shipcases, trays, etc.  that has a custom, non-standard shape.  You can use the CASY system to create a more realistic model of your product. 

MixTray - to Package mixed products.  Great for wholesale retailers!