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RFID Support in TOPS Pro

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Use your Company Logo in Reports
Using Multiple database
Customize Statistics in TOPS Pro

TOPS 5.6x Upgrade

Using Blister Pack in TOPS Pro

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The Green Initiative

PACK EXPO 2006 a Great Success !

Thank you for everyone who visited our booth at PACK EXPO 2006, especially those who attended our software training sessions.  It was a great pleasure to finally meet our customers in person and put a face to the name.  We apologize for sending out the gifts so late and hope they are now in your hands.
As always, we highly value our customers and your input is very important to us.  Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime at 972-739-8677 or at

Some of the TOPS team at Chicago


RFID Support in TOPS Pro

During PACK EXPO 2006, TOPS announced support of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology with its TOPS Pro Package Design and Palletization software.  Users can select unitload solutions based on RFID readability on the shipcase level.

This new feature is currently under beta testing and will be available to TOPS customers by mid year.  Here's a preview of the RFID functionality:
Unitload solutions - Upon user request, TOPS will sort solutions based on the amount of RFID blockage for each pallet pattern. Below shows an example of the top three pallet solutions for RFID readability. Note that all three solutions have zero RF blockage with the RFID tags placed either on the left or front side of the shipcase.  Combine this data with other parameters to select the optimal pallet solution for your application.


RFID Analysis - This function optimizes placement of RFID tags for an existing pallet pattern.  Factors considered for tag placement include signal blockage by shipcase wall and contents of the shipcase.  This function also allows for rotation of shipcases to ensure all RFID tags are facing outward.

Put your company logo on TOPS and MaxLoad reports -  TOPS software allows you to customize reports with your own company logo for a professional look.  Simply follow these steps to add your corporate identity to TOPS and MaxLoad reports.  Click the software name to find out how: TOPS or MaxLoad.
Using multiple database in TOPS and MaxLoad - Have you ever had the need for separate database for different customers or departments?  You can easily set this up in TOPS and MaxLoad by following these simple steps.  Click the software name to find out how: TOPS or MaxLoad.
Customize statistics on your report - TOPS Pro allows you to pick and choose which statistics to be included in your analysis.  You can set this within TOPS Pro or through the TOPS Pro Config program.
To access statistics setup within TOPS, go to the Supervisor Menu and login.  Once login as Supervisor, go to the Tools Menu, select Configuration and click on the Statistics button.
To access statistics setup via TOPS Config, go to Windows Start Menu, select "TOPS for Windows Apps" and run TOPS Pro Config.  Again, login as Supervisor, select Global Configuration under the Supervisor Menu and click the Statistics button.
Once in the Statistics setup dialog box, check or uncheck the corresponding data to be included or removed from the analysis report.

Don't forget to send in your Software for TOPS Pro 5.6x Upgrade

As a MVP (annual software maintenance and support plan) customer, you are eligible to receive unlimited technical assistance as well as upgrade to the latest software during the contract year. 

TOPS Pro latest release, version 5.6x, contains lots of new features, including MixPro Automatic Load Generator, advanced container loading, inverted nesting for tubs, new primary packs like blister pack and stand-up pouch, slave pallet, raise platform for pallets, analysis and solution comparison reports, direct PDF output, and more.

To receive this latest version, please send in your floppy key disk and CD. If you're not sure about your MVP status or would like to receive a quote for MVP renewal, please email or call us at 972-739-8677.

Using Blister Pack in TOPS Pro 5.6x

In the latest TOPS Pro 5.6x version, you can create analysis using blister packs as the primary package. The dimension of the blister can be defined in actual dimension or as a percentage from the edge of the cardboard backing.  The following animated tutorial provides illustrated examples on using blister packs, including package nesting as well as nesting of the blister shells using the negative bulge option:
Open tutorial for a blister pack analysis


Go Green... Save the World and Save you Money

With attention constantly drawing towards environmental awareness, it is believed that each consumer in the U.S. contributes an estimated 3.5 pounds of trash per day.  At least half of that trash is packaging-related. The packaging industry can uphold its responsibilities and have a major impact on the future of the environment.

Wal-Mart has taken one of the first steps towards “cleaning up their act”.  In late September, the Bentonville, AR-based retailer announced plans to measure its 60,000 global suppliers to develop packaging and conserve natural resources. Scheduled to begin in 2008, the initiative is projected to reduce overall packaging by 5% and save the company $3.4 billion… More

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