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TOPS Pro 5.0 Official Release
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How to use CASY to create a soda bottle with paste-on graphics - A tutorial with our new animated demo
TOPS Pro 5.0 is here!

TOPS Pro release 5.0 is available free to all TOPS Pro, LoadStak and PackStak users with a current MVP subscription. All you need to do is to send in your current key disk (floppy disk) and we will take care of the rest. If you are not sure about your MVP status or would like to request a quotation for the update, please contact our MVP department at 972-739-8677 or send us an email at mvp@topseng.com.

TOPS Pro 5.0 Official Release

  TOPS is now officially shipping release 5.0 of TOPS Pro Package Design and Palletization software. The new version has a host of new features that add functionality and enhancements to the program.

New features in TOPS Pro 5.0 include one-click design sequence templates; new CASY shapes for trigger top bottles, pinch tubes and rounded box; new U divider styles and 2-way airspace dividers for all or perimeter cells; support for straps, strap guards, maximum unitload layers; export analysis to Microsoft Word template; handy flying toolbar for frequently used functions; Chinese language support; stacking strength for non-RSC box; pop-up help tips and more.

To get more information about the new release 5.0, please visit our web site at http://www.topseng.com/TopsPro5Features.html

If you do not use the Granular/Bulk/Powder step in your package design sequence, you can turn it off and remove it from the desktop. Go to Start|Program|TOPS for Windows APPS and select TOPS Pro Config. Login as the Supervisor. Go to Supervisor Menu|Global Configuration and un-check Show Product option.
For version 5.0 only - To specify a fixed number of shipcase layers for your unitload, click on the Pallet icon in the design sequence. In the pop-up Unitload Parameters dialog box, enter the number desired in the "Maximum Number of Layers" field.
For version 5.0 only - For easy access to some common functions in TOPS Pro, do a right click on the graphic in solution view. A small menu appears with features like Next, Prev, Cancel, Show/hide features, view in different formats, etc.
For version 5.0 only - Use TOPS Pro's pre-defined Word template to convert your analysis into a Microsoft Word document. To do, open the saved analysis and select Send to Word from the Export Menu.

If you want to set passwords for users to access MaxLoad Pro, login as the Supervisor and check "User Passwords" checkbox in Tools Menu|Configuration|Global Configuration.
In any view within MaxLoad Pro, click the graphic and then use arrow keys to rotate it. To rotate the graphic left and right use left and right arrow keys and to rotate it up and down use the up and down arrow keys.
To get quick information about a SKU in the graphical solution view, do right click|Properties on that SKU in the picture. A window with SKU Properties opens up, providing detail information about the SKU.
To check the location of a SKU in solution view, do a right click on that SKU as described in the previous tip, the status bar at the bottom of the screen, will show its location

Do you know about these New Trainings? They are FREE to MVP Members !

As a MVP member, you are entitled to product trainings which help get you up and running with your software. These trainings range from on-site, person to person training, to on-line remote training over the Internet, to our new self-paced animated tutorials.

On-Site Training: MVP members are entitled to one free day of training. You have the option of having one of our representatives come onsite or your group can come to our world headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The training is a great way to get up and running on your software as well as to have a one on one personal question and answer session with a TOPS representative.

Web Training: This is a great way to schedule a quick training. Offered absolutely FREE to current MVP customers, the training is provided via Genesys Conference Meeting Center. All you need is an internet connection and a compatible web browser. Just contact our MVP department or your TOPS account manager to schedule your web training today.

Self-Paced Training: TOPS is introducing a new form of training to our valued MVP customers. We will be creating a series of animated tutorials illustrating the different functions of our software. You can save these demos to your computer and watch them anytime. As a MVP member, you can also request TOPS to create a unique and personalized demo specific to your application. We hope these animated tutorials would enhance the effectiveness of employee training and offer good return for your investment.
To see how an animated tutorial looks like, please go to http://www.topseng.com/AnimatedTutorial.html or watch the CASY tutorial in the Workshop section of this Newsletter.
We are just starting out with our library of animated tutorials. For more information, please contact the MVP department.

Dallas Training: There will be a TOPS software training session held in Dallas on October 14, 2003. For more information, please contact Ms. Tanja Collins at tanja@topseng.com or call 972-739-8677. Deadline for reservation will be September 30, 2003, please call early.

To check the status of your MVP or take advantage of these new and other great MVP benefits, please call us at 972-739-8677 and ask for the MVP department or email us at mvp@topseng.com.

New Shapes Attract Attention

TOPS Pro features the Create A Shape Yourself (CASY) system, which allows you to design custom styles for primary packages, such as cans, bottles, etc. to dress up your on-screen display. Instead of generic cans and bottles, CASY gives your product a more realistic design. The CASY module included in your TOPS Pro software will help you combine custom shapes such as trigger tops to stand-up pouches with your custom labels creating a very distinctive visual, allowing you to provide customers and consumers with very attractive products.

To follow an example of creating a soda bottle, please watch our special animated tutorial at http://www.topseng.com/Tutorials/CASY_CokeBottle_viewlet_swf.html

TOPS Custom Shape Generator

PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2003   

It's show time... TOPS Engineering will be exhibiting at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2003, Booth S-4925 on October 13-15. We will be showcasing the new features of TOPS Pro 5.0 and TOPSePAC, the optional add-on for TOPS Pro which allows you to determine case packs, pallet patterns, shipper stacking strength and more on-line anytime, anywhere via the Internet. Come and talk to our representatives and let us show you how to save packaging and transportation costs with TOPS software solutions. Check out the show at http://pelv2003.packexpo.com/pelv2003/

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