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Use MaxLoad Pro 2.7 New Features to Maximize SKU Loading

TOPS Tech Tip - Approving Analyses

How to properly move your license from one system to another

Workshop (TOPS Pro)
How to use folders to organize your analyses

See us at D/C Expo 2005, Navy Pier, Chicago, May 18-19

MVP Training at Pack Expo 2004

TOPS Engineering Corporation would like to thank all of the participants who attended the TOPS & MaxLoad training sessions that were held during PackExpo. We enjoyed meeting with everyone and hope that the training sessions helped you gain a better proficiency on your prospective software packages. We did cover a large amount of material, so please let us know if you still have any questions or need us to review the material with you.

For those of you who were unable to attend our training sessions and would like to explore the different training options that we have available, please call the MVP Department at (972) 739-8677 or email us at

MaxLoad Pro 2.7 - Get the Most Products into your Transit Vehicles

The newly released MaxLoad Pro 2.7 has several new features which allow you to load the most items into your transit vehicles.
Optimize Pallet Height for Top Layer: Version 2.7 provides the option for MaxLoad to determine the height  for the top layer of pallet loads in order to fully utilize available space. To use the function, click the Algorithms button under the Options tab. At the pop-up dialog box, check the option "Optimize Height for Top Layer" under the Unitload Options section.
Please click the thumbnail on the right to view the result of the top layer optimization. A complete second layer has been added to the vehicle, increasing cubic efficiency by 30%.
Fill Items: The new release of MaxLoad allows users to specify SKUs as fill items in order to get the maximum use of the remaining truck space after initial loading. To use this function, add the SKUs to the Manifest List and then check the "Fill item" column for those SKUs to be used as fill items. Fill items will be loaded last to fill the remaining space.
What happens if I need to load at least 50 Stereos but also want to use the Stereos as fill items?
Tip - Create two entries for Stereo, one with a quantity of 50 and the other with a larger quantity, say 200 and then check the "Fill Item" option for this second entry only. MaxLoad will load the 50 stereos and other items on the Manifest List. If there is space left, MaxLoad will load stereos to fill the available space. If all 200 stereos cannot fill up the available space, enter an even bigger quantity for the fill item.
Note: Any remaining fill items not in the vehicle will not appear in the Cut List.
Allow Loose Items on Side: This new option breaks up unitloads and loads the SKUs as loose items to fill vacant space in the truck. To use this function, click the Algorithms button under the Options tab. At the pop-up dialog box, check the option "Allow loose items on side" under the Unitload Options section.
Please click the thumbnail on the right to view the result of "Allow loose items on side" for unitloads. With this algorithm enabled, the second truck is not needed.  

Please click here to view a summary of all new features in MaxLoad Pro 2.7. If you have not upgraded your MaxLoad Pro, be sure to contact us at 972-739-8677 or email us to check your MVP status.

  Saving and Approving Analyses in TOPS Pro

TOPS Pro analyses are saved to the database in the following default manner:

As Working Analyses in the Working Folder - All analyses done in TOPS Pro are first saved as working analyses in the Working folder visible to the creator (login user) only.
As Approved Analyses in the Approved Folder - Those working analyses which are approved by the Supervisor or the creator of the analyses are available as approved analyses, saved under the Approved folder. Approved analyses are available to view by all users of the software on the network.

If Supervisor is the only user who can approve analyses, other users will need to submit the work for approval using the Request Approval function under the File Menu. Once requested, the analysis will be placed in an approval queue.

Steps to approve an analysis:
1. Login as Supervisor with password "tops software" and open the Supervisor menu.
2. Select Open Request.
3. Select the analysis to be examined and click OK. TOPS Pro will open the selected analysis in the Analysis View.
4. To approve the analysis, open the Supervisor menu and select Approve, then click OK.
5. To deny approval of the analysis, open the Supervisor menu and select Deny Approval, then click OK.

Approved analyses will be saved under the Approved folder while denied ones will be moved from the queue back into the Working folder of the user.


Package Design Quality Control Purchasing

Folder content before approval

  ----- Working -----
Design 1-Package Design
Design 2-Package Design
Design 3-Package Design
----- Approved -----
approved analysis 1
  ----- Working -----
Control 1-Quality Control
----- Approved -----
approved analysis 1
  ----- Approved -----
approved analysis 1

Approved Analyses

  Design 1, Design 3   Control 1

Folder content after approval

----- Working -----
Design 2-Package Design
----- Approved -----
approved analysis 1
Control 1
Design 1
Design 3
----- Approved -----
approved analysis 1
Control 1
Design 1
Design 3
----- Approved -----
approved analysis 1
Control 1
Design 1
Design 3


Moving Your License

TOPS software is copyrighted, licensed material and has an authorization scheme to enforce the license. It is important that you follow proper procedure to move the license from one system to another during system upgrade, or your license will be lost. If a license is lost, customers with current software maintenance and support contract (MVP) can contact TOPS technical support team to restore the license.

To properly move a license:
1. Export existing data to a secure location on your hard disk.
2. Uninstall or move the license from the computer back to the key disk (original floppy disk from TOPS).
In MaxLoad, go to Help/Adjust Authorization and select Uninstall to Floppy.
For TOPS Pro, run the "TOPS Pro Move" program from the "TOPS for Windows Apps" folder and select "Uninstall license to floppy".
3. Re-install the software to a system after step 2 is completed successfully.
4. Import data from step 1 back to the TOPS software folder.

If you are unsure of what steps to take, don't hesitate to call us. Please have your license serial number handy when calling for assistance. Information on your license can be accessed under the Help/About menu.
Click here to read document on moving TOPS Pro license and
Click here to read document on moving MaxLoad Pro license.

Using Folders in TOPS Pro to Organize your Analyses

A good way to organize analyses is to use folders. TOPS Pro already comes with two default folders "Working" and "Approved" under the Main Folder. You can create additional folders to group analyses for different departments, clients or products.

Folders in TOPS Pro are organized the same way as those in your computer, in a hierarchy of folders and sub-folders. The link below opens an animated tutorial to illustrate how to create two new folders "2003" and "2004" in the Main folder and then a new subfolder "ABC" under folder "2004".

Link to Using Folders in TOPS Pro


  Main Folder
----- Folders -----
+ 2003
+ 2004
    + ABC
----- Working -----
analysis 1
analysis 2
analysis 3
----- Approved -----
approved analysis 1
approved analysis 2
approved analysis 3

Distribution/Computer Expo 2005, Chicago   

  TOPS Engineering will be exhibiting at D/C Expo 2005, Booth 549 on May 18-19 at Navy Pier Chicago, Illinois. This is one of the largest Logistics and Supply Chain Software, Systems and Services show in USA. TOPS will be showcasing new features of MaxLoad Pro version 2.7.

Come and talk to our sales and technical representatives and let us show you how to save on transportation costs with TOPS' MaxLoad Pro software. To learn more about the conference and exhibits, please visit

FREE SHOW PASS - Click the link to the left to get a free pass from TOPS to Hall Exhibits and Keynotes.

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