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Are you using MaxLoad 2.65?
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From Packaging World: Effective Packaging at Club stores

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Use TOPS to create a Mixed Product Load  for display
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TOPS Pro 5.0 will be released in the next few months. Some of the key new features include:

Easy to use one-click templates: Set up your own templates for routine package design sequences
New CASY styles: Design trigger top bottles, pinch tubes, and rounded rectangular shapes
Enhanced graphic options: You will now be able to better show the contents of a shipcase on a pallet and/or pop open the corner case on a pallet to reveal its contents
Stacking strength for non RSC


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Are you using MaxLoad 2.65 ?   

Can you load railcars? Can you do a nested/staggered pattern with your loads? Can you set axle weight limits? If the answer is no, it's time to upgrade to MaxLoad version 2.65. The new release offers lots of enhancements and these sample additional functions:

Assign piece counts for SKUs
Allows nest/stagger pattern to create more stable and efficient loads
New loading rules
Improved mixed pallet stackability
Support maximum axle weight

To add caps, trays, slipsheets, or to rotate the layers of your unitload, calculate your analysis, then activate the 3-D Unitload view and go to Edit/Layer Parameters.

Canít quite see the backside of that Unitload? When viewing a primary pack, master pack, Unitload, or truck you can rotate the view on all of these items to see a different angle. Simply click on the 3- image you would like to rotate and hold down your shift key while using the arrow keys on your keypad.

Did you know that you can change the terminology that TOPS uses to identify carton, tray, shipper, sea van, etc? Select Tools/Language/Edit- select the word you want to change and then type in the new word you want to replace it with and click on the update button. TOPS will now replace your old text string with the new terminology.

If you do not get the solution you desire, go to the Options tab of the Pick List and adjust the Algorithm settings.

Load by priority loads the important items onto the truck first, and then successive items will be loaded in order of importance. Load by stop off is the opposite, loading the last items to be delivered on a truck first.

Not seeing % cube on your manifest listing? Click on the SKU field under the Manifest list, and then select Edit/Properties.

Time for Another Training?

The MVP program for your TOPS software entitles you to one free day of training. You have the option of having one of our representatives come onsite or if you prefer your group can come to our world headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The training is a great way get up and running on your software as well as having a one on one personal question and answer session with a TOPS representative. If you would like to check on the status of your MVP, please give us a call at 972-739-8677 and ask for the MVP department or email us at

Create a Mixed Product Load for Club Store Display

Your TOPS Pro software includes the MixPro module which offers a "virtual" staging area to create mixed product loads for display. Use the MixPro Tray Editor to create a special tray containing different items and use the MixPro Pallet Editor to arrange the trays with other shipcases and design a special pallet for display in the aisles of club stores. Here's the details...

   Effective Packaging at Club stores   

New materials, new configurations, and new graphics are all available to companies who want to sell into club stores.

Consumer product marketers are plenty sophisticated when it comes to developing their brandsí primary packaging for the grocery, convenience store, and drugstore channels. But they often miss an opportunity for creating greater brand appeal in the wholesale club store environment because they donít make effective use of their corrugated shippers and display trays. In the club environments, shippers become the primary packagingóand packaging designers have begun to take note. Thereís more to club packaging than just bulk sizes... Read full article

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