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Fall 2009     

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TOPS Tech Tips:

It is estimated that each consumer in the U.S. contributes an average of 3.5 pounds of trash per day.  At least half of that trash is package-related.  The packaging industry can uphold its responsibilities and have a major impact on the future of the environment.

To assist with achieving this green initiative and creating sustainable packaging, TOPS Pro version 6.0 has added an ESR function. The Eco Savings Report provides TOPS users with comparison data on different packaging and load solutions and how they impact the environment in carbon emission, corrugated and packaging material wastage/usage.

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Using Bundle for Primary Packs

The Bundle function, available only in TOPS Pro (not the smaller LoadStak or PackStak modules) offers an extra step to the design sequence involving primary pack, intermediate pack and shipcase.
Watch the following flash demo to see how to use bundle in your design.
  Open flash demo on using bundle

For example, create an analysis by placing two packs (100 each) of shrink wrapped CDs (4.75" x 1/16") into a box and then place 8 of these twin packs into a shipcase as illustrated to the right.  You will realize this cannot be done without the bundle function!

TOPS Pro 6.0 Upgrade Available Now!

TOPS, the global leader in package optimization and supply chain solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the newest version of our signature product, TOPS Pro v6.0.

The long awaited release includes a host of customer driven enhancements designed to continue to help end-users in accomplishing business goals. New features in v6.0 include an Eco Savings Report (ESR), which provides sustainability comparison data, enabling users to select the "greenest" solution.

Additionally, the new release includes everything from new box styles - including tear-out box, display case and common footprint boxes - to custom defined pallets and new, drag-and-drop intermediate and shipcase sizing editors.  With the editor, users can automatically resize the carton as contents are being moved or added.

New features in TOPS Pro 6.0 include the following, click here for more details.

  Eco Savings Reports provide sustainability data
  Drag-and-drop editor to modify pattern inside intermediate pack or shipcase
  Rotate layers inside a shipcase
  New tabbed solution view for multiple pallets and vehicles
  New report to compare up to 5 solutions
  Edge protector and add pallet to unitloads
  Set limit for number of layers, cases/layers or total items/unitload
Import/export in XML formats and data import in metric units
New TOPS Config program interface and license setup manager
  Analysis archive and restore functions
TOPS Pro Software
  Adding Notes in Printouts: Next time you're looking at your print preview, click zoom and then notice the box that is created when you click on the screen. This allows you to add additional notes to any analysis before it's printed.
  Changing logo in Printouts: If you've ever wondered if you could change the logo in your printouts to your company logo, the answer is yes! Here's how you do it. Create a bmp of your company logo and name it "tops.bmp". Now, go to: C:\Program Files\TOPSAPPS\TOPSPro\BMP\ and replace the "tops.bmp" in that folder with the one you just created. Without any other work, your company logo should now be displayed every time you print one of your analyses from TOPS.
MaxLoad Pro Software
  Using piece count instead of Qty: When creating a SKU, you can assign a piece count number which represents a quantity of goods in the SKU. Then when loading your vehicle, instead of entering a SKU quantity, you can enter a piece count number in the Manifest and it will enter an appropriate number of SKUs. Be sure to use a divisible number of pieces, for example, if the SKU holds 11 items, use 11, 22, 33,44 as a piece count and you will get 1, 2, 3 or 4 SKUs loaded. If you try to load 12 items, it will give an error. If you do not see a piece count column under Manifest, then click anything in Manifest, go to Edit, Properties and ensure Piece Count is checked.
  How to Load by SKU Ratio: Some customers need groups of goods shipped together. Perhaps you manufacture tables and chairs. For every dining table there needs to be 6 chairs. You could tell MaxLoad to Load by Ratio, and then simply give a load Qty of 1 table and 6 chair, then MaxLoad will load the entire container full of as many 1:6 items as possible.

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In the midst of an economic downturn, every company is looking for innovative ways to reduce costs and maximize returns.  What better place to start than by training your employees on how to optimize packaging and significantly reduce transportation costs?

If this sounds like something that might be of interest to you, TOPS has the ideal solution.  All current MVP subscribers are eligible to receive on-site training on both TOPS and MaxLoad Pro for an unlimited number of attendees.  A TOPS representative will conduct the comprehensive training, showing your team how to maximize the capacity of the software, resulting in significant savings. Additionally, the actual training time is scheduled in the cost of your maintenance plan.

In order to make scheduling your personal on-site training even easier, TOPS has introduced an exciting new flat-fee rate for the actual travel costs. Domestic trainings can now be scheduled for a flat travel fee of $650.00, while international customers can schedule their personalized training class for a flat travel fee from $1,000.00, depending on the final destinations.

For additional information on how to coordinate an on-site training, or for questions on how training can benefit your organization, contact a member of the TOPS MVP team today.  If you do not have MVP, contact an MVP Account Manager for details on trainings, upgrades and the other exciting perks enjoyed by MVP members.


International Corner

Muchos de nuestros clientes en México, Sudamérica, Centroamérica y Latinoamérica no saben que pueden usar TOPS Pro y MaxLoad pro en Español. Además, usuarios pueden cambiar el idioma dentro del programa. El proceso para cambiar el idioma de TOPS y MaxLoad es muy fácil. Solo necesita ir a “Herramientas” y “Lenguaje” para escoger el idioma que usted quiere. Cuando usted escoge un idioma nuevo, todo cambia en el programa automáticamente.

Nosotros siempre estamos disponibles para ayudar con actualizaciones, soporte y apoyo técnico en español. Llama a TOPS hoy para más información.

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