October 2007     

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PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2007 will focus on the latest developments in packaging technology and will showcase exhibitors' state-of-the-art advances in packaging machinery, converting machinery, materials, packages and containers, and components. Exhibitors will bring their top technicians and engineers to provide packaging solutions to even the toughest packaging challenges.

Be sure to stop by the TOPS Engineering Corporation
Booth S-5215
We look forward to seeing you at the event. 

  Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109 USA

October 15, Monday 9am - 4pm
October 16, Tuesday 9am - 4pm
October 17, Wednesday 9am - 4pm

PROCESS EXPO and its co-located partner PACK EXPO, comprise the largest trade show for food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies in the Western Hemisphere.

The show is held in Las Vegas in odd years and Chicago in even years. Over 50,000 buyers from more than 90 countries are expected at the 2007 show. Engineers, manufacturing personnel, management, as well as top decision makers in the purchasing, research & development, and marketing will all be at PROCESS EXPO/PACK EXPO - the premier processing/packaging industry show.

Using Bundle Feature in TOPS Pro for Knock Down Boxed

Knockdowns (KDs) refers to boxes that have been collapsed flat. TOPS Pro will automatically account for knockdowns using dimensions of the erected box.

The following animated tutorial illustrates how to create bundles of 50 knockdown boxes and load them onto a pallet:
  Open tutorial for bundle of knockdown boxes

Coming Soon - MaxLoad Pro 3.0 Upgrade

TOPS Engineering will debut the latest MaxLoad Pro software at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2007.

Be one of the first to premiere an industry leader specializing in Cargo Load Planning & Optimization Software. Many new features and updates to be included with the 3.0 upgrade, so be sure to stop by the TOPS Engineering Corporation Booth S-5215 to get a sneak peek!

MaxLoad Pro is a cargo load planning, container loading, freight calculation and cube optimization software. It determines the "how to" of loading mixed size products onto trucks, containers, sea vans and rail cars. Users can import existing SKUs of cartons, pallets, and drums into the MaxLoad database.  Parameter driven algorithms and extensive stacking rules determine the best cube for cargo shipments. With MaxLoad Pro, users can improve load cubic efficiencies and cut shipping costs 8-20%.

New features in MaxLoad Pro 3.0 include:

  New vehicle types include air freight (ULD) containers, sidebay and flatbed trucks
  Define wheel well for trailers and other applicable vehicle types
  Ability to rotate layers when creating unitloads for SKUs
  Ability to edit mixed pallets inside the vehicle
  New feature providing split views during load editing
  Enhanced algorithms for creating mixed SKU layers for mixed pallets
  More informative reports for mixed pallets
  New information fields on manifest including ship date, customer name, address, etc.
TOPS Pro Software 
  Change the color of your carton or shipcase - TOPS software allows you to customize the way packages appear. To select color, open the Tools menu and select Color Selection. Color changes are specific to each user name, not each analysis.
  A feature in TOPS Pro (version 5.0 & newer) allows you to publish the results of your analysis for viewing by others either on your local network or to a website. Click here to learn more.
MaxLoad Pro Software
  Printing reports and solutions in MaxLoad Pro - Have you ever had the need to share reports and solutions? MaxLoad Pro allows you to print multiple reports, each giving specific information regarding the load. You can preview your work before printing, which allows you to make adjustments before actually sending your work to the printer. Further, MaxLoad Pro has a feature that allows you to print the contents of the SKU, vehicle, pallet and tote databases. Click here for details.
  The Custom Import function allows you to import SKU & Picklist details stored in other databases into MaxLoad Pro for load optimization. Data to be imported must be saved in a csv file format (Comma Separated Values) or a pure text file. Click here to learn more.

A Bundle of Benefits for Maintenance and Support Plan Subscriber

The annual software Maintenance and Support program allows clients to remain current with the latest versions of TOPS software. It’s a valuable investment in the continued operation of all software products.


Free Software Upgrades

Clients receive all enhancements and/or revisions to the software free of charge during the annual program
Guarantees software license is the latest version of available software, incorporating new features and bug corrections

Unlimited Technical Support
   Access the technical support team by phone, email or fax during regular business hours
   Receive network installation assistance and ensure that all users are up and running quickly
   Obtain implementation support for all installations or upgrades
Web-Based Training

Q&A session via the Internet
Feature-based training sessions
Cost effective for international or corporate size groups
Quick, easy, and convenient to use
Allows for control of course pace
   Assistance with moving and transferring critical data
   Assistance with data recovery
   Convenient support via email - guaranteed 24 hour or less response time
View animated tutorials for specific topics - available upon request
On-Site Training

One full day of training at your site or at TOPS corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas
Lower per trainee training costs
Training scheduled at clients convenience
Tailored course content specific to clients needs
Personalized & professional attention to ensure a quick return on investment
Personalized & professional client service
Contact Information
Office:  972-739-8677
Fax:  972-739-9478
Business Hours:  M-F 7:30-5:30 CST


Year in Review:
U.S. Air Freight/Express Industry

Despite stagnant traffic growth, the U.S. domestic air freight and express industry continues to register gains in revenue, shows U.S. Domestic Air Freight and Express Industry Performance Analysis 2007, an annual report from Seattle-based aviation consulting firm Air Cargo Management Group (ACMG).
Many of the changes that have taken place recently in the domestic market can be traced to consolidation in the express area.

Partial-year results for 2007 indicate that this year is following the same pattern as 2005 and 2006, with positive financial results despite flat traffic levels.

The U.S. market, however, remains the largest single air freight/express market in the world.  More...

Food Packaging Using Nanotechnology Methods: ‘Smart Packaging’ & ‘Active Packaging’

Today, food packaging and monitoring are a major focus of food industry-related nanotech R&D. Packaging that incorporates nanomaterials can be “smart,” which means that it can respond to environmental conditions or repair itself or alert a consumer to contamination and/or the presence of pathogens. According to industry analysts, the current US market for “active, controlled and smart” packaging for foods and beverages is an estimated $38 billion - and will surpass $54 billion by 2008.  Read on...


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