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MaxLoad Pro 2.7 Release Info
MaxLoad Tech Tips - How to use the 3D Graphical Editor Effectively
Comparing TOPS Pro Modules

MVP Event
Free Training at Pack Expo 2004 - Sign Up Now!

Workshop (TOPS Pro)
How to publish analyses to the Internet or to a Local Network

Meet Our New Distributors

Ireland/UKDistributor United Kingdom/Ireland - Since 1993 AutoLogic Systems Ltd has been providing simulation related solutions to a range of specialist industries including materials handling, warehousing & distribution, airports & transportation, manufacturing, nuclear & defense and controls. With the addition of TOPS software to its product lines, AutoLogic is able to offer specialist software and related services for package design, pallet configuration, load planning and space optimization. AutoLogic has a strong technical team who can offer customized solutions as well as training, consulting and support.

Thailand - Active Line is a young, aggressive company possessing significant industry knowledge and know-how. It offers innovative solutions to a wide range of industries with many successful implementations. Its goal is to provide competitive advantage to organizations in total cost reduction through improved efficiency using packaging and load optimization.

MaxLoad Pro version 2.7 is Here

Release of MaxLoad Pro 2.7 is right around the corner and you should have received the upgrade postcard notice by now. If you are a current subscriber to the program's Support and Maintenance Plan (MVP), please don't forget to send in your license floppy disk to receive this free upgrade.

If you are unsure about your MVP status, please call our MVP team anytime at 972-739-8677.

MaxLoad Pro 2.7

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You will find these new features in MaxLoad Pro 2.7:

Directly import case sizes and most pallet patterns from TOPS Pro (requires TOPS Pro 5.05 or later)
Automatically fill empty spaces in containers with specified SKUs
Loading of pup trucks (double trailer), multi-zone trucks and rail wagons (rounded top)
Loading of flat-bed containers, allowing auto centering of loads
Loading of unitloads in pinwheel pattern inside containers
Loading containers by SKU ratios
Improved print-by-placement report indicates quantity and load configuration for each step
Enhanced loading algorithm for staggering mixed size rolls
Enhanced calculations of loading mixed pallets in multi-stop loads and with "Keep like SKU together" rule
New data import wizard to easily import SKUs and order information
New language support includes Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Thai
  How to use the 3D Graphical Editor Effectively

One of the most commonly used feature in MaxLoad Pro is its 3D graphical editor. It allows users to manually edit an existing load or to build a load from scratch.

You can change the orientation of a SKU before loading it into a tote, pallet or transit vehicle. To do so, go to the Editor screen (by clicking the Edit button) and  follow these steps:
1. Click on the SKU name on the Cut List to select the SKU.
2. The selected SKU will be displayed on the top left hand corner of the g.o.d. window.
3. To change its vertical dimension, click on the face (sides 1 or 2) that you want to position against the floor.
4. To change its orientation, click on the face that is currently facing up (side 3).

When editing a manifest, you can add a row, column or layer to the placement by clicking on a surface while holding down the [Shift] key on the keyboard. To perform the reverse function, that is, removing a row, column or layer from the placement, click the surface while holding down both [Alt] and [Shift] keys on your keyboard. Click here for an illustration.

Upgrade to TOPS Pro to get Full Functionalities

Have you ever been in the situation where you needed to:


design new cases for new or existing products,
find out if an existing box size will work for more than one of your products,
design a new box configuration using an intermediate packer,
create a tray that contains a mix of products, or
create a club store pallet where customers can buy directly off of the pallet, but...

... you do not have the right functionality in your current module of TOPS software? Now through the end of October 2004, TOPS Engineering is offering discounts on software upgrades to the full blown version of TOPS Pro. We understand how important it is to periodically assess if your existing TOPS software module is meeting your current and future needs. Give the MVP Department a call at 972-739-8677 to find out how you can take advantage of our upgrade discounts. If you are not sure which features are included in your current version, check out the TOPS Package Design Module Feature Comparison.

Using Publisher in TOPS Pro

TOPS Pro has a great, easy-to-use publishing feature which allows users to publish analyses to a local network or to the Internet for sharing reports among colleagues, customers or suppliers. An index in XML and HTML format for the published analyses will be created and saved to the specified location. Viewers can simply click on the corresponding links to view the analysis.

To learn how to use this function, please follow these links to view an animated demo.
Publishing to the Internet
Publishing to a Local Network

MVP Training at Pack Expo 2004

At Pack Expo 2004, TOPS again is organizing free training classes for its MVP members. During the 5-day event, six training sessions will be held, from Monday, November 8th thru Wednesday, November 10th.


Date Time  
MaxLoad Pro Nov 8th, Monday 9AM - 12PM
TOPS Pro - Basic Nov 8th, Monday 2PM - 5PM
TOPS Pro - Basic Nov 9th, Tuesday 9AM - 12PM
TOPS Pro - Advanced Nov 9th, Tuesday 2PM - 5PM
TOPS Pro - Advanced Nov 10th, Wednesday 9AM - 12PM
MaxLoad Pro Nov 10th, Wednesday 2PM - 5PM

TOPS Pro - Basic -  Recommended for all new users, this class is an introduction to TOPS Pro.  You will gain knowledge on the overall functionality of the program including how to modify pallet patterns, define divider styles, create new custom shapes and stacking strength.

TOPS Pro - Advanced - This is an advanced class designed more towards the users who have basic knowledge of TOPS Pro’s functionality.  We will focus more on the less frequently used but useful features like Mixed Tray Editor, Package Profile, Importing case information, Export to Word Template, and Publishing to the Network/Internet.  This class is ideal for those who are in charge of training other internal TOPS users.

MaxLoad Pro - You will learn the basic functionality of MaxLoad Pro including an introduction to MaxLoad Pro 2.70. This class is for new as well as intermediate users.  Some of the features you will learn include how to define a SKU, the differences between a Unit Load and a Pallet Load, how to automatically fill leftover spaces, and how to build more efficient and stable mixed pallets.

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