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TOPS Pro 5.20 Official Release

TOPS Tech Tip - How to create shipcase

E-license versus Floppy

2006 Trade Show Schedule

TOPS Pro 5.20 Now Shipping !

The wait is over... TOPS Pro 5.20 is finally here. The new release is available for free to all MVP subscribers. To check your MVP status, please call our MVP team at 972-739-8677 or email at mvp@topseng.com.

To simple the upgrade process, please print out the Upgrade Request form and follow the instructions to send back the required materials. Your new software will be in your hands in no time.

TOPS Pro New Features

TOPS Pro version 5.20 is finally here! It's worth the wait... version 5.20 packs a lot of requested features
MixPro Auto Load Generator - An automatic calculation engine to place mixed size shipcases onto a pallet which is optimized for aisle display in club stores. Users can specify arrangement preference in layer, column or row. An optional labeling function is also available to indicate the front side of shipcases.

Advance Container Optimization - This new option allows you to load shipcases directly on the side or on top of unitloads in order to fill all available space inside the truck or container.
Enhanced Reports - The Package Specification will compose of up to 6 panels for more package illustrations and statistics. Users can also change the fonts used in these reports to accommodate more texts.
Auto Export Functionality - This enhanced function will automatically export analysis data from TOPS Pro to other systems like SAP or other ERP systems.
Blister Pack Support  - Other new shapes include stand-up pouches, custom trays, box with lid and more.
Inverted Nesting Packs - The new inverted nesting arrangement will be useful to packages like flower pots, plumbing parts and more.
Ready to use Templates - The new release will ship with sample templates for importing shipcases, pallets, vehicles and more.

  Creating Shipping Case in TOPS Pro

There are three ways to create shipping cases in TOPS Pro:
1) Using Define Shipping Case function
2) Using the "Save SC" option when saving an analysis
3) Using the Import function under the Tools menu

Please use this link to open a PDF document for a more detailed description of each method.


Calling for Technical Support

As MVP customers, you are entitled to unlimited technical support. To receive instant support you can email TOPS support group at tech@topseng.com or you can call 972-739-8677.

Whenever an issue is reported to technical support, the serial number is the first thing we need to verify your MVP status. The serial number of your license is a unique number for every license purchased by your company. This allows TOPS to look up the customer information as well as keep track of all technical support calls.

The serial number can be found hand-written on the back of the key license floppy diskette and can also be accessed within the software.

To read the serial number from within the software:
1) Log into your TOPS or MaxLoad software.
2) Select Help Menu, then select About for TOPS Pro/MaxLoad Pro, respectively.
3) Take note of the serial number as highlighted below before calling TOPS. This will expedite your call transfer to a technical support specialist.


Edit your Loads with MaxLoad Pro's Powerful 3D Editor

MaxLoad Pro comes with a powerful 3D editor which allows users to manually edit the load solutions. This workshop illustrates how to use this editor to perform the followings as well as to offer tips on how to build manual loads efficiently.

Change the view of the load (3D, top, side, front and back views)
Use short cut keys to rotate the load solution and change the zoom display in the g.o.d. window
Check property of individual SKUs or SKU placement in the container
Add SKUs and/or change quantity of SKU in the PicList



See us at these Trade Shows in 2006

If you have missed us in Cleveland during NA2006 in late March, you will have more opportunities to see our new software in person at the following trade shows:
Dimensions.06 - San Antonio, Texas - April 18-21  http://www.dimensions-info.com/
D/C Expo 2006 - Chicago, Illinois - May 24-25   http://www.logistar.com/NEWSITE/
PACK EXPO 2006 - Chicago, Illinois - October 29 - November 2   http://pei2006.packexpo.com/

Come and talk to our sales and technical representatives and let us show you how you can increase cube yield and reduce packaging and transportation costs by optimizing case sizes and pallet configurations.

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