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MaxLoad Pro 2.7 Pre Release Info
TOPS Pro Tech Tips
MaxLoad Pro Tech Tips
Benefits of Network Licensing
New Faces at TOPS

D/C Expo 2004, Chicago- May 19-20: Get your FREE SHOW PASS

Workshop (TOPS Pro)
How to export existing analysis to MS Word - An Animated Tutorial
How to create a custom Word template for TOPS Pro reports

Customer Success Stories - MaxLoad Pro

Springer Carrier, Brazil
Maria Inês de Oliveira Fagundes - International Customer Service

(English) "With the use of Maxload we reduced the diagramming process time by 60%. We have accelerated the feasibility analysis of our new sales, allowing us an advantage over our competitors in response time. Another benefit was the possibility of generating overviews of the load plans."

(Portuguese) "Com o Maxload Pro agilizamos o processo de otimização de cargas em 60% do tempo gasto. Aceleramos as análises de viabilidade econômica de novos negócios, permitindo uma vantagem sobre nossos concorrentes com relação ao tempo de resposta. Outro benefício do software foi ter facilitado o momento da estufagem com o desenho da carga."

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Preview of MaxLoad Pro version 2.7

The next release of MaxLoad Pro will be available in May 2004. Subscribers to MaxLoad's maintenance, upgrade and support program should watch out for notices by e-mail or snail mail for upgrade details. Or you can call our MVP team anytime at 972-739-8677.

New features in MaxLoad Pro 2.7 include:

Directly import case sizes and pallet patterns from TOPS Pro
Automatically fill empty spaces in container with specified SKUs
Loading of pup trucks (double trailer)
Loading of flat-bed containers, allowing auto centering of loads
Pin wheel load of unitloads in containers
Support Euro Rail wagon (rounded top) loading
Improved print-by-placement report
Enhanced loading algorithm for staggering mixed size rolls
Enhanced calculations of loading mixed pallets in multi-stop loads and with "Keep like SKU together" rule
New import wizard to easily import SKUs and order information

  A Look at some of the Key Features of version 5.02

Bundle with Strap Box Style - This new style can be selected under Define>Box Styles and selecting “Buddle Strapped” under Description field.  You can specify the width of the strap used and the number of straps along width and length.

Email Stacking Strength - You can email Stacking Strength Results by using the Tools>Email Stacking Strength command on the menu bar. To specify the data to be included in the report, click the "Parms" button and then "Option" button in the Stacking Strength dialog box. Check against the statistics to be included in the analysis. To reduce the number of solutions, click the "Filter" button and specify flute size, range of compression strength, safety factor and height of unitloads desired.

New Dividers - These include U-Divider, airspace dividers for all cells or just for perimeter cells. Go to Define>Dividers menu to view these new styles. You can also enter different values in the parameter fields to customize all divider styles. The updated style will be displayed in the g.o.d. window.

  Some Overlooked but very useful features in MaxLoad 2.65

Piece Count for SKU - When defining SKU at the Define>SKU dialog, you can input the piece count for that specific SKU. For example, a new shipcase called BOX has 12 cans inside. You will enter 12 as the piece count when defining BOX as a new shipcase SKU. When you add a quantity of 100 BOX to the Picklist, the piece count in Manifest List will indicate 1200 cans. Or you can specify, say 1500 in the Piece Count column in the Manifest List and MaxLoad will automatically convert that quantity to 125 shipcases in the Qty column.  
Stacking/Loading Violations - The MaxLoad Pro Editor allows you to override stacking rules during the edit process. The status bar at the bottom of the window will change to red during any stacking violations. You can also access a cumulative list of stacking violations by clicking on the yellow Stacking Violations icon on the top menu bar.

Benefits of a Network License

TOPS offers software licenses in either stand-alone or network format.
Stand-alone licenses are installed on individual work stations with both the software license and data residing on the same machine. In this configuration, only one user can access the software at a time. If your organization foresees more users for the software, you can of course purchase additional stand-alone licenses.

You can also upgrade the existing license to a network format. Below is a list of benefits that a network license offers:


More employees can access and use the software program. For example, in a 1-user network, though there can only be one concurrent user, the users can access the program from different location and you are no longer confined to one single machine or person.
The data will be stored on the server thus allowing easy backup of all data files.
All locations can access the same data files creating one central location for all specifications and/or load diagrams.
Internal IT department will only need to support one license instead of several stand alone copies. This lowers technical costs associated with upgrades and installs.
The network license comes with a Viewer program which allows unlimited number of users to open and view saved analyses or manifests. This allows for easier communication of data within the organization.
Lower MVP cost; you will save close to 28% on a 2-user network versus two stand-alone licenses.

Call us anytime at 972-739-8677 or e-mail us at mvp@topseng.com to talk to our representatives and determine the license format that will best meet your need.

New Faces at TOPS

In October 2003, we had a new addition to our MVP Sales department. We would like to extend a warm welcome to Mallely (pronounced "Ma-jelly") Alvarez. She has a Bachelor degree in International Business and will be assisting customers with sales, software upgrades, technical support and training. Mallely is originally from Mexico City and speaks fluent English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Another new face at TOPS, Michael Zhang joined us as a Sales Account Manager in March, 2004. A graduate from Texas A&M and basketball enthusiast, Mike immigrated to the United States from China in 1989. He is fluent in English and Chinese and ready to serve our domestic and expanding Asian-Pacific markets.

  Export TOPS Pro Analysis to MS Word

Microsoft Office is a main staple in the US workplace and companies often use MS Word to prepare product specifications and share them within the organization and with customers. In TOPS Pro 5.0 or higher, a new function called "Send to Word" allows users to send analysis directly to a Word document (Word 2000 or higher). Users can also customize the document layout using a MS Word template file (.dot), thus making custom reporting just a mouse click away.

The following link opens an animated tutorial which illustrates how to use the Export to Word function in TOPS Pro.  Export to Word Animated Tutorial
To learn how to create a custom Word template to use with TOPS Pro, please refer to this pdf document.

Distribution/Computer Expo 2004, Chicago   D/C Expo 2004

TOPS Engineering will be exhibiting at D/C Expo 2004, Booth 528 on May 19-20 in Chicago, Illinois. This is one of the largest Logistics and Supply Chain Software, Systems and Services show in USA.

TOPS will be showcasing new features of MaxLoad Pro version 2.7. Come and talk to our sales and technical representatives and let us show you how to save transportation costs with TOPS' MaxLoad Pro software. To learn more about the conference and exhibits, please visit http://www.logistar.com/

FREE SHOW PASS - Click the link to the left to get a free pass from TOPS to Hall Exhibits and Keynotes.

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