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MaxLoad Pro's Optional MPAS Mixed Pallet Automation Server Offers Software Solution for Generating Mixed Pallets for Warehouse and Pallet Automation

Mixed Pallet CreationAre you Looking for solutions to create stable, mixed pallets to optimize cube and minimize product damage? Searching for a partner to complete your automated palletizing system and drive robots, ASRS, pick to voice, to pick pallet layers and build rainbow loads?

With proven success in delivering mixed pallet solutions to leaders in the food, beverage and retail industries, TOPS has the expertise needed to devise algorithms and develop the program to create stable mixed pallets for your specific loading requirements.  The pick sequence and placement solutions will be generated and integrated to the palletizing systems to meet your business needs.


Create Stable Mixed Pallets

  • Actual calculations - not estimations
  • Create steady and stackable mixed pallets to minimize product damage with use of extensive stacking and loading rules
  • Automatically use full pallets
  • Use Pre-defined Layer configuration
  • Ability to use create mixed pallet with full Layers and less than full layer quantity
  • Balance pallet heights for the same stop to spread “dirty” layers among the pallets and increase stability
  • Ability to automatically mixed orders if not enough space on truck
  • Same SKUs are kept together on each pallet for efficient picking

Mixed Pallet Loading into Side Bay TruckIntegrate Pallet Output with Existing System for Automation

  • Automatically convert customer full orders to pallet orders
  • Build mixed pallets and ability to load bulk trucks by stop or route
  • Ability to split bays for side loading trucks and specify which side of the truck to load a pallet
  • Provide accurate SKU placement and orientation data to Robotic Palletizers
  • Provide accurate case sequence data for AS/RS systems
  • Provide picking data to drive voice based and other electronic picking systems
  • Integrate with routing and WMS software
  • Ability to run in pure Server Mode "Black Box" and send picking information electronically to build pallets

Contact TOPS to discuss your loading requirements.  We have the technical expertise and industry experience to deliver a custom solution that will save you thousands and millions.

What Our Customers Say

"A key element and benefit of MaxLoad has been the improved accuracy on loading information within our business and for customers. We are now confident in the planning process and have managed down a number of costs. Significantly the vehicle utilisation has improved by 12% and our freight costs have reduced by 8%."- Graeme Winship, Director of Logistics, UK

"We are able to test the safest loading configurations using MaxLoad and have increased our container load fill from 60% to 87%. These savings make a big difference when the cost of sea freight has almost doubled recently." - Euro-Fit

"We purchased MaxLoad for our overseas suppliers to plan incoming freights. We know the details of the shipment even before they reach the distribution center."- Major US Retailer

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